Over the years, I've traded in two used planes and purchased two new planes from Apex Aircraft. Every contact with Apex has been positive.

Anna Pangrazzi and Bruce Musgrave are long term pilots and aviation enthusiasts. They work hard to gain customer satisfaction, and they protect their customers' interests. Just about every time I am in their offices, one customer or another drops in just to say "hello". Their customers become their friends. Anna and Bruce are also realists. They know the value of aircraft, and they are straight with their advice and feedback. If a customer has unrealistic expectations, they'll tell them so, using proof, and always with a smile or laugh. For example, I was considering a major TSO'd modification to my Cessna Turbo 206. Anna recommended against it, and showed me why I shouldn't proceed. I followed her advice.

But what I really like about Apex is that they do not seem to want to sell airplanes just for the sake of it. They make a serious effort to match their customers to the appropriate plane, taking into account budget, experience, intended "mission", etc. This attitude leads to happy customers, a steady stream of which will be observed "just popping in to say hello".

-M. James Holtom

I have purchased four new aircraft over the last five years, I have found Anna Pangrazzi very professional, honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable. She really follows up on every little detail possible in the purchase of an aircraft. This is one person I totally trust, and this is a lot for me to say. I highly recommend to get in touch with Anna when contemplating buying an aircraft. She is just a super person to deal with! I am really enjoying my latest purchase, a Cessna 350.

Please feel free to call me.

-John de Ruiter

My Bonanza that I bought from Apex aircraft Sales has been amazing. Apex ( Bruce and Anna) took lots of time to introduce me to the miraculous world of Bonanza, the art of flying this plane and the wonderful network of Bonanza information for maintenance, upkeep, events and education. I still have a constantly available listening and advising ear from Bruce and Anna regarding all matters of my Bonanza, and they have been always there and helpful in every way. Now, almost two years after the purchase of my plane from Apex, I give them my most cordial thanks and recommendation for future plane seekers.

Daniel Domb

I started flying in 2002 and bought my first "new" airplane, a Cessna Turbo 182, from Apex Aircraft. My experience dealing with Anna and Bruce has been very good. They are honest, professional and really work hard for their customers. Because of the great initial experience, I then bought my second airplane, a new Cessna Turbo 206 from Apex Aircraft in 2004.

Recently, in 2010, I have purchased a third airplane from Apex Aircraft. The company is very helpful, will provide all the information needed and will ensure a smooth sales transaction. Also, they are affiliated with one of the best Cessna dealers in the world, Legatt Aviation, which ensures that the airplanes they sell are thoroughly and properly serviced.

-Emil Simon, President, "The Rollick Beverage Company Inc."

I just wanted to thank-you for your relentless effort on my behalf when purchasing this tiny airplane. You have truly done Apex Aircraft Sales an honour throughout this transaction from the first time I contacted you about the airplane, through all your research and professionalism, keeping me well informed of all negotiations and conversations with the seller, to delivery of the aircraft. Even though I was buying such a tiny plane, you treated me as if I was buying an Airbus 380. Your type of personal devotion to your job was above and at times beyond what what was needed. I would definitely refer my family members, colleagues and friends to you and your firm.

Your friend and satisfied aircraft purchaser,

-Don Roscoe